Analytics show that +521,131 users used elliot search engine 41,3% from USA

elliot! Search
2 min readApr 28, 2018

Today we will reveal everything about elliot search engine and it’s audience from all the world, Since 2014, we’ve started using Google’s analytics service to see the site’s performance and audience.

First, we make clear that we have no marketing orientation, do not store any content on our servers, we do not care about cookies, we do not store personal information about users, and we do not have prospects for commercial use.

Analytics From 2014 to 2018

As analytics show that 41,3% of users are from USA, which make the United States in the first & top traffic, for the 2nd place Brazil for 6.41% , Germany 5.07%, then Canada 2.98%, Italy 2.63% , France 1.94%, Australia 1.67%, india 1.61% Turkey was ranked 10th with 1.60% from 521,131 users who has at least used the engine once.

elliot Search Analytics

As we see in previous statistics show that 71.34% of total coverage is distributed to 10 countries , 6 of them classified as Top tier countries, thats a big success, for us after 6 Years online.

While 28,66% of coverage distributed on 195 countries, for arabic Countries ranking, We have Algeria was ranked 22 with 0.73% , Egypt was ranked 41, and Saudi Arabia was ranked 45 with 0.30%, and United Arab Emirates was ranked 49 with 0.28%, Morocco ranked 52 with 0.22%.

Audience Coverage in USA

Audience in USA of elliot Search

Based on Analytics above, people from United States of America most commonly used our website, where statistics show that most users come from : California, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Florida, New york, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania as TOP 10 regions in USA.

About elliot:

elliot! Search engine project, was founded by Mr “Khalid Abes” the web entrepreneur & now CEO Founder of “PHENIX Technololgies” & Santranico Web Hosting in United Kingdom, elliot was born in Algeria in 2012 and it was the beginning of every beginnings, the main idea of elliot! is simple but very creative, it come to join all famous search engines in one familly which make elliot the first multi-purpose search engine in the world, elliot allow you to select any favorite search engine with 1 Click, just move your finger on logo, a list of search engines will be expanded to you.

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elliot! Search

A multipurpose meta-search engine built in 2012, based on JavaScript with Query tenneling to teleport your search to get in result page in google, bing, ask…etc