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elliot! Search
2 min readJun 20, 2017

elliot! Search engine project, was founded by Mr “Khalid Abes” , 28 years from Algeria in 2012 with simple design made as prototype that reflect the main idea of elliot! which is combine all search engines in one place which make elliot the first multi-purpose search engine in the world

elliot search engine 2017 New Style

All Story about elliot from the beginning

June 18th 2017, Once again, to see the changes in elliot! , with the advancement of web technologies, it has become necessary to chase development according to international standards for Web IT, for that reason so we radically changed the interface of the search engine, solving many bugs reported by users, friends surveys and follow the latest Google guidelines, tips, recommendation suite of Experience from optimization Lab, in known google is our main partner recognized by Google in connection with our active products and services.

elliot! Search front-end based on static HTML/CSS, based 69% JavaScript/ jQuery / Ajax and Google API via Google CSE Service “ Custom Search engine” .

elliot Search Features :

All in One Multi-purpose search engine with +20 search engines inside, include, Safe Search for kids based CSE and google, bing, yahoo, Ask, Dogpile …ect

Allow you to search in : Web, video, Movies, Live News Straming via youtube, Metacafe, Blinkx, Vimeo , as allow to search for Documents direct file download links, torrents, persons, articles, social…

Access to all search engines from one place, No need to move from engine to another to find what you looking for in one Click to select the favorite search engine.

The interface allow you to navigate with elliot on Smart phone mobiles, tablet, iPad , desktop, a responsive design very light and easy to use.

Through a simple project, we build a creativity solutions for Web users, elliot is only a beginning, and the road is still long for development and excellence.

2012 / 2014 / 2016 and 2017 are the most important starting timeline station for our trip.

Web Site:

elliot! in New Emirates

Media Contact : AK Internet Group .llc

05, Saleh Tin Street, El Mertouha City,

36038 El Tarf — Algeria



elliot! Search

A multipurpose meta-search engine built in 2012, based on JavaScript with Query tenneling to teleport your search to get in result page in google, bing, ask…etc