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2 min readNov 24, 2020

With the approaching date of the expected day for shopping lovers, which is BlackFriday, on this day blackness does not express pessimism, but rather a happy opportunity and great joy for shoppers as it comes to the minds of many to prepare to fill the shopping cart before launching the promised discounts a few days ago and then wait for the countdown counter to complete the process Paying and waiting for the product to come home, it’s an annual feast.

It is held on the last Friday of November every year all over the world, but working hours are introduced in the stores to begin at dawn on Friday to accommodate the huge number of customers eager to buy goods and win discounts, while electronic stores begin to reduce prices and announce it before Friday 4 Or 5 days. And the date varies from year to year, in 2019, on November 29, this year on November 26 but online stores announced deals in November 23 like Aliexpress, as the blackfriday 2021 will be on November 26 again like in 2019, we really miss that year, i don’t know why they called COVID-19, it supposed to be COVID-20, we hope that next year will be better than the previous year.

As usual, we finished programming an online guide for shoppers, it was supposed to be launched early next year, but we have finished completing the final touches for the smooth and easy interface to browse

elliot Shopping Gate Presentation

we love the elegance of design and we are looking for something that pleases the viewers, and it seems simple and does not need much space Especially on the phone with a slider for browsing with the right and left button.

This is our New Shopping Gate

In it, we gathered the best merchants in international stores, Amazon and Aliexpress, and in order to be at your best opinion with full transparency, we are affiliated with the affiliate marketing programs for these stores, and a purchase that will be made through our page will be one of the sources of financing for the upcoming development work.

We are always looking for excellence, and therefore we collect everything we love in one place, search engines linked to our daily life, electronic stores, services and brands, Elliot is a search site, but not just a site.

Honest Declaration:

As we said above, we place affiliate links in our directory, we almost are official stores for some products that we believe in and we enjoy, Thank you very much if you purchase a product through our shopping directory, This allows us to continue our project and development, we offer you rich and quality content, Your support is my primary driver, you can donate directly to us, or buy something through our page, that’s 1% of commission will be very helpful.



elliot! Search

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