New Features of Elliot Search Engines Revealed in 2020

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4 min readNov 16, 2020

ALGERIA, November 16th 2020 : PHENIX TECHNOLOGIES officially unveiled their new website design and color scheme of Elliot search engine, while they declared launching the site on social media channels : “We wanted to make sure all elliot search engine fans can see our new world in color, especially, easy to use menu, which represent the vibrant, sunny optimism for new generation of our new website, we combine elegance, ease, simplicity and creativity”

KHALID Abes CEO said of the decision to reveal the new look of elliot engine amid the worldwide corona-virus outbreak “ The Corona-virus made us commit to our homes, but the life of the creative programmers does not end at a specific place and thus we raised the challenge to continue working in the midst of the crisis, because there is always hope, a sunny future for the whole world.

8 YEARS Online

Now 8 years have passed since the launch of the site since 2012, we have gone through several stages, and today we are witnessing the launch of the fifth generation of our site, where we collect all search engines on one website that brings together all the family, and each of us has linked his heart to one of the engines or two search engines at least, So the idea of ​​our site to make all-in-one make access to these engines easier and faster with one click, and through the unified search box, you can access the search results comfortably instead of writing the addresses of search engines to enter them, or search for a search engine site through another engine .


  1. Flight Compare:

One of the new features of the search engine is that it a the integration of a travel search engine that provides a great service to compare airline tickets prices in real-time, it support Multi-City flight search to find multi destination itinerary for Round-the world trip with flight details, you will have advanced filter & options on search results page to select the best & optimal flight for your by duration, time, number of stops, or direct flight, select connecting airports, airlines companies, and define the range of price, all payments will be carried via safe payment gateway by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American express, or PayPal with the possibility to book your flight from the official website of airline company if listed as direct partner and it give the best price like : Adria Airways, Air Canada, KLM/Air France, Airasia, Bangkok Airways , Cathay Pacific , Easy Jet, EgyptAir , Firefly, Happyair , Jetstar , Kanair , Nord Star , Orient Thai , Ryanair , SATA International , Scoot, Thai Smile, Tigerairways , WizzAir, etc.

2. Hotels Compare :

Also we integrated Hotels search engine to compare hotel prices from +60 trusted booking platform and ranks them according to preference, price, special offers, Discounts, customer-based reviews, with 60 languages supported, we cover about 2.5 million residency units, among them 800,000 hotels classified by stars, and more than 1,248,000 apartments, villas and 477,000 hostels, all price list through partners & technologies provider such as Booking , Agoda , Expedia, Zenhotels,, Snaptravel …etc, they is no way to worry, any one know the reputation of these service.

This represents the 5th major update to the site, who is also scheduled to unveil new services in the coming months, no official date has been set, which will enhance the position of the site as a gateway to the most sought-after services and we are always looking for excellence in choosing our partners to suit the purposes of our site and not go out On his basic idea, which aims at facilitating the navigation process and bringing results and services closer to our citizens and our loyal users.

3. Multi-Languages Interface :

The new interface of the search engine in the new update 2020 included an elegant graphical interface in 10 official languages, the most common of which are English as the unified world language, in addition to Arabic, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

4. New Search Engines : part of Elliott search engine, has also been incorporated, and it is a news portal somewhat similar to MSN in its features, and supports fetching news from several sources every hour.

Onteller portal is not only a site for information & news, but also a search engine that deserve join our main page, we also note that the ASK search engine has not been abandoned, but rather it is in a tab under the search box “Questions” temporarily until the site is reordered in future updates, because it deserve to stay with us.

Upcoming updates

Soon we will launch a special portal called “ GATE ”, which is a portal for Online shopping lovers and a sections for the financial and business world, IT developers, and solutions for emerging companies in the field of e-commerce.

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